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A more sustainable world is possible when people can easily make more sustainable choices.

How does it work?

1. Complete tasks & give feedback
2. Gain knowledge on sustainability and travel-tech
3. Join the community and share sustainability
4. Make an impact

Leave better footprints for the next traveller

Validate & share more sustainable travel options is easy.

You don't need to be an expert to help

Our parameters are easy to identify and validated by experts.

We follow UNWTO and GK standards

We have partnered with leading organizations for environmental responsibility in the travel industry.

Core team of sustainability and travel experts

We are a team of avid travellers with experiences within tech, tourism and sustainability.

What is TripDoodler?

TripDoodler wants to empower travelers to make more sustainable choices.

The TripDoodler platform makes it easy for travellers to find, acknowledge and share the sustainable practices of the hotels, cafés, restaurants, etc. they visit.

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Sustainability doesn't have to be difficult

Sustainability is complex but it does not have to be difficult, TripDoodler is here to help.

“We don’t need a few of people making perfect sustainable choices. What we need is millions of people making the more sustainable choice.”

Josephine Piplits, CEO at TripDoodler
Josephine Piplits
CEO at TripDoodler

"The greatest impact on our planet and society is the sum of all our individual choices and efforts, and these are all in the heart of TripDoodler."

Douglas Marett, Managing Director at GH Sustainability
Douglas Marett
Managing Director at GH Sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of the TripDoodler Companion Program?
It is an introductory program aimed at easing people into what they have to do as beta testers. It is the beginning of a long-term collaboration with like-minded travelers.
Why do I need TripDoodler?
Anyone who loves travelling and wants to do it as sustainably as possible!
Will I be paid?
TripDoodler Companions are volunteers and will thus not receive any payment.

But, you can expect perks from us in the times ahead!
How long will the program last?
The program is ongoing. So you will have the opportunity to participate in the activities that fits your schedule and availability, and tap out if you want.