Sustainability Certifications.

And why they matter!

Why look for certified options?

Certifications can guide both the tourism industry in creating more sustainable businesses and travelers in making more sustainable choices.

Why certifications are important.

We can acknowledge sustainability actions as travelers, but only experts can validate the impact of these actions.

Certifications provide businesses with an important framework to implement and measure their sustainability efforts.

How do I know if a certification is reliable?

Just in tourism alone there are more than 150 certifications, so it can be tricky.

Check if the certifications are validated through third-party accreditation, such as GSTC, ISO, etc.

How do I find certified places?

Still less than 1% of tourism industry businesses holds a certification.

On TripDoodler, you can see multiple certifications displayed next to the travelers sustainability ratings.

Certifications currently live on TripDoodler


EarthCheck has sustainability certification and programs for tourism businesses, hotels, destinations, governments, developers and building designers, terrestrial and marine parks, and events.

All of our certification programs are science-backed, delivered by experts, and good for your business.



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Green Key

With 20 years experience and over 2400 establishments across 8 categories, Green Key is one of the oldest and largest certifications in tourism in Europe. GreenKey is a certification issued by the non-profit Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) and is focused on the environmental pillar of GSTC.

They are a leading certification and is GSTC recognized, dialog-based, transparent and fulfils regular audits and third-party verifications.



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Green Sign

GreenSign is the leading sustainability certificate for the hotel industry in Europe. Over 100 criteria in the certification catalog offer the possibility to combine ecology, economy and social responsibility.

The certification covers the areas of management & communication, environment (energy, water, waste), biodiversity & cultural heritage, purchasing, regionality & mobility, quality management and sustainable development, social and economic responsibility.

GreenSign has 5 levels.


Food Industry

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Nordic Swan Eco-Label

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an environmental labelling scheme certifying that a product or service complies with the requirements for the label. It is one of the world´s toughest environmental certifications – and as such, a powerful tool for producers and brand owners.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was established in 1989 by The Nordic Council of Ministers as a voluntary ecolabelling scheme for the nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Today, it is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries, supported by all Nordic governments and the most recognised environmental label in the region.



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Organic Cuisine Label

The Organic Cuisine Label is a Danish state guaranteed label indicating that a kitchen is serious about organics. The label is free and offers a differentiated indication of the total percentage of organic raw ingredients and beverages used in preparing the entire menu.

The label has 3 levels: Bronce, Silver & Gold.

Organic Food


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