Crowd-sourced sustainability.

Why it matters and how
you can jump right in.

What is crowd-sourced sustainability?

Crowd-sourced sustainability is bringing together collective experiences and information from travelers globally, contributing to positive change and enhancing peer-to-peer trust in sustainability.

Sustainability is typically evaluated by accredited third-party certifications and field experts. Although helpful, travelers can't be expected to research every complicated article before bringing contributions.

By crowd-sourcing information, we encourage each other to drive broader data points for businesses to build more sustainable solutions while unlocking better travel for everyone to find and enjoy.

Translating sustainability into a language we can all understand.

Given the proper framework, we believe every person can be empowered to participate, regardless of where they are in their personal sustainability journey!

With more and better sustainability information available to everyone, we can all be empowered to make the world a little better- one choice at a time.

How is this done on TripDoodler?

With the TripDoodler sustainability rating for travelers, you can recognize and acknowledge sustainability actions easily, and leave a better footprint for the next traveler.

Find the establishment.

Currently, you can acknowledge sustainability actions on accommodations (hotels, hostels, etc.), places to eat or drink (cafés, restaurants, etc.), and shops.

Mark what you see.

There are multiple sustainability actions you can acknowledge.
All you need to do is answer Yes, No, or I don't know regarding what you see or experience.

Go nerdy.

If you feel up for a challenge, you can dive into more actions by reading more about each impact and getting more familiar with why it matters.

Explore locations near you

How the crowd can contribute?

When we take the time to acknowledge sustainability actions at places we visit, we make it easier for the next traveler to make informed choices.

With more of us doing so, the more sustainability information we map, the more transparency we build, and the easier it gets.

Are sustainability ratings objective?

Generally, when giving reviews, we're asked to say what we think and what we like or don't like. That doesn’t work when we talk about sustainability.

At TripDoodler, we don’t care about personal opinions. Instead, we present travelers with a set of comparable objective sustainability parameters. This takes out the need to be experts.
All you have to do is look for the objective sustainable action, and reply “yes” “no” or “I don’t know” to whether you see it.

What is the gain for businesses?

With TripDoodler, business owners get insight into which of their sustainability actions their customers can see. It helps to understand how to communicate their efforts better and what next steps to take on their sustainability journey.

The ratings also support businesses in communicating their actions to new customers.

Additionally, TripDoodler can provide insight into what other businesses do regarding sustainability, promoting learning from each other.

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