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Three tips to avoid or address significant weather when visiting New York City

If you plan to visit the New York City area, you should do so between April and July to avoid the chance of severe weather. Here are three severe weather-related travel tips you can use all year round.

October 4, 2023


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How Digital Nomads can be guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As conscious travelers, we aim to leave destinations better than we found them. Read on to learn the 17 SDGs that can help do just that.

Amit Bhatia

September 1, 2023


min to read


ESG Reporting is not where you start

Interested in what is the alternative to formal sustainability reporting when communicating our sustainability efforts? Then keep on reading, in this article we talk about the importance of acknowledging the smaller steps we took along the way on our sustainability journey, just before deep diving into ESG reporting.

Josephine Piplits

August 8, 2023


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Is your favorite cafe also the most sustainable?

We have created the world's first sustainability user rating - making it easy for you to find and share more sustainable travel experiences. 🌎

Amit Bhatia

June 19, 2023


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