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Sustainable travel inspiration: Copenhagen City Guide

Did you know it's possible to reduce your footprint by simply supporting businesses implementing more sustainable practices in their day-to-day trade? Here's some inspiration for accommodations, places to eat and drink, and shops in Copenhagen.

Amit Bhatia

August 16, 2023


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Sustainability in Copenhagen

Amongst one of the most sustainable cities in the world, Copenhagen makes for a great destination for tourists with sustainability in mind. From flea markets in the summer, to second hand stores all around the city and a growing variety of vegetarian meals in restaurants - Copenhagen is on the right track.

Sustainability can be hard to navigate, we have therefore created three maps for Copenhagen - making it easier for first time travelers to make more sustainable choices while traveling around the beautiful city of Copenhagen. We are using the transparency data from TripDoodler and have gathered restaurants, second-hand shops & accommodations TripDoodler Travelers has acknowledged for sustainability actions:

Must try Vegetarian/Vegan places in Copenhagen

Second hand shops to find good bargains in Copenhagen

Accommodation in Copenhagen the sustainable conscious traveler should consider

Must try Vegetarian/Vegan places in Copenhagen

There are numerous ways to minimize your environmental impact while traveling; one of the easiest, healthiest, and tastiest habits is deciding on a plant-based diet, wherever possible.

As we steadily listen to the TripDoodler traveler's acknowledgements on our platform, here are 5 must-try restaurants in Copenhagen that offer vegetarian and/or vegan food options.

Heaps Good Cafe

Passing by Fensmarkgade, Copenhagen? Quick grab your seasonal, nutritious veggie meal at Heaps Good Cafe, which is good for your body and the planet. Be it the appetizing cashew 'cheese' with burnt orange, roasted beetroot, and agave carrots or a filling sourdough bread covered in more melted cheese with herbed bechamel and spinach, they prepare it all garden-fresh. Make sure to go about a nice cup of hand-roasted coffee; it's too good to resist. The best part? They have a wheelchair-accessible bathroom facility; a ramp into the cafe's coming soon.

Fensmarkgade 23

2200 Copenhagen N

The Organic Boho

If you've ever wished for a scrummy meal that cares for your health and our planet, The Organic Boho is just the thing for you. Embedded in a 100% organic & vegan food concept, get ready to fetch a sweet headache choosing from a plethora of dishes and beverages on offer, ranging broadly from 'Teriyaki Tempeh Salad' to the 'Organic Boho Pilsner'. What's better? Allergic to gluten or don't like almonds? Feel free to let them know; they are good at customizing it to perfection. Bonus, the location will give you proper Danish vibes.  

Paradisæblevej 28

2500 Valby

Pure Greens Club

At Pure Greens Club, it's not just about the absenteeism of animal products but rather a wholesome, immersive plant-based culinary experience. Get your tastebuds rolling with delicious Mexican salad with guacamole, beans, roasted sweet potatoes, and fresh chili, or go about some wild rice in spinach purée, avocado, edamame, cashew nuts, cucumber, and alfalfa sprouts. The cutest thing of all? Reward your dog with a healthy treat - their exclusive vegan dog snacks have great reviews too.  

Gl. Kongevej 124

1850 Frederiksberg


Typically addressed as one of Copenhagen's best raw food bars, 42Raw will get the juices flowing with its range of vegan, gluten-free meals. Craving for a hot, spicy burger with a whole meal bun, vegan patty, romaine salad, tomato, jalapenos, and chili mayo, or just a classic Green Bowl with the goodness of broccoli, cucumber, pesto, baby spinach, cabbage & avocado; 42Raw has it all. Quench your thirst with a fantastic variety of organic beverages, scoping broadly from organic coffees and milkshakes to some of their finest signature juices.

Frederiksberg Centret - Plan 3

Falkoner Alle 21

2000 Frederiksberg

Second hand shops to find good bargains in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in the world - and so is shopping! But don’t let that stop you. Whether it is to save money or protect the environment, second hand shops are a great place to get an authentic shopping experience in Copenhagen.

The second hand shops are to be found all around the city, in a variety of price scales. We have chosen 5 second hand shops our TripDoodler Travelers have acknowledged sustainability practices at. There is something for everyone on the list!

O-S-V. Secondhand Shop

O-S-V. Second Hand Shop is located in the center of Copenhagen. A few minutes walk from the Strøget, O-S-V. offers a fine selection of second hand clothes. With locals selling their clothes through the store, you are guaranteed to get inspired by the Danish fashion style. With sustainability in focus, the store, whose name refers to the Danish ‘og så videre’ (eng: ‘and so on’), gives old clothes a new life.

Our TripDoodler users have found the store to promote activities in the local community, as well as encourage the reuse of shopping bags.

Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 4

1173 Copenhagen

PRAG Vesterbro

PRAG Vesterbro is one of four PRAG second hand stores in Denmark. PRAG are vintage second hand stores, initially inspired by vintage stores found in New York and Berlin. To offer a wider variety of products, PRAG imports clothes and accessories from abroad. Additionally, new accessories and basic products can be found to fit with your new vintage clothing. TripDoodler visitors have found PRAG to promote sustainability through reuse of products and shopping bags, and actively provide tips and ideas on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Vesterbrogade 98A

1620 Copenhagen


In an attempt to revolutionize the fashion industry, Veras is a secondhand store with sustainability in the forefront. With a circular model, sales of only second hand clothing, and provision of sustainability tips and tricks, Veras is a great store for anyone wanting to shop second hand while in Copenhagen. TripDoodler users have said Veras actively promotes activities in the local community, as well as the secondhand store encourages the reuse of shopping bags. More sustainability actions implemented by Veras can be found on the TripDoodler website.

Studiestræde 27

1455 Copenhagen

Red Cross Op Shop

Located all around the city, visitors can find Red Cross Op Shops. The Red Cross Op Shops are second hand stores run by the Red Cross organization. At the shops, visitors can find a variety of items donated by the local community. The stores are also known for being an affordable option. TripDoodler users have rated Red Cross Op Shop on Nørrebrogade 40 and acknowledged the shop for its efforts to promote activities in the local community.

Nørrebrogade 40

2200 Copenhagen

Accommodation in Copenhagen the sustainable conscious traveler should consider

Are you looking for a community to join while traveling in Denmark? Do you wish to meet with travelers from all over the world, while simultaneously getting to know the ‘Danish’ way of life?

We have gathered five accommodations, where our TripDoodler Travelers have acknowledged for sustainability practices and community - so read along and find your next place to stay at, in Copenhagen!

Globalhagen Hostel

Located in the heart of the vibrant neighborhood of Nørrebro, Globalhagen Hostel is a community hub. The non-profit, eco-friendly hostel is driven by volunteers and gathers travelers from all over the world. Through its volunteer-run café, the hostel is frequently visited by activists, artists and musicians, as they are invited to do concerts, talks, debates and arts in the café. The feeling of community shines through, and it is safe to say, that Globalhagen Hostel is a great accommodation for anyone looking to travel more sustainably.

Ravnsborggade 11

2200 Copenhagen

Next House Copenhagen

Next House Copenhagen might be the right spot for the traveler looking to combine luxuriousness with the benefits of a hostel. Next House Copenhagen states that their approach is to always listen to their guests and create a house that nurtures their needs. If you’re looking for a community while in Copenhagen, you might just find it at Next House Copenhagen.

From carbon offsetting to being able to opt out of cleaning, TripDoodler visitors have found a list of sustainability actions implemented by Next House Copenhagen to minimize their environmental impact. Guests at the hotel are also encouraged to reuse towels, recycle trash and are offered vegetarian and/or vegan options.

Bernstorffsgade 27

1577 Copenhagen

66 Guldsmeden

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly hotel, 66 Guldsmeden might be the right place for you. Located in the charming district of Vesterbro on the bustling street of Vesterbrogade, 66 Guldsmeden is an ‘urban bohemian hideaway’.

With the vibrant Copenhagen life going on just outside their doors, 66 Guldsmeden offers a chance to mix the urban lifestyle with relaxation. Equipped with quiet balconies facing the hotel’s courtyard, a cozy lounge and an organic café, visitors can choose to enjoy a delicious, organic breakfast at the hotel or visit one of the local cafés or restaurants down the street. Due to the hotel’s locations, visitors can easily find local shops for clothing, design and food.

66 Guldsmeden is both Green Key and Green Globe certified. 66 Guldsmeden also focus on recycling, reusing and reducing wherever possible - which our TripDoodler users have confirmed on our platform.

Vesterbrogade 66

1620 Copenhagen

CityHub Copenhagen

Another great accommodation for the sustainable traveler is CityHub Copenhagen. Located in the artistic neighborhood of Vesterbro, CityHub promotes community. The hostel is all about a digital lifestyle, and through technology, guests can be connected 24/7. Guests will receive a personal city host, which they can reach out to at any time of the day. The city hosts can guide you in the direction of current events and teach you the robes of Copenhagen.

According to TripDoodler travelers, guests at the CityHub have found several initiatives implemented to promote sustainability. The hostel actively promotes ethical tourism initiatives, the reuse of towels to save water, offers recycling and has great, green community spaces.

Vesterbrogade 97B

1620 Copenhagen

Why is it important to think about sustainability while traveling?

By making small sustainable choices while traveling, it is possible to significantly reduce the footprint one leaves behind. Simple choices like opting out of room cleaning or reusing your towel can reduce the water usage of up to 35 liters per room. Accommodations can further reduce the waste going to landfills by an average of 1.5 kg per guest, simply by offering recycling options in the rooms. Choosing an accommodation that emphasizes environmental, social and economic sustainability can not only create a more local experience, but can minimize the carbon footprint left behind on your travels.

The accommodation you choose is not the only option for reducing your footprint while traveling. The choice of restaurant, café, or bar can also reduce your carbon footprint and increase the positive impact the local community. Organic farming, for example, can alone help nurture the local farmland and can lead up to a 30% higher species diversity. Organic fields can further support up to 105% more plant species than conventional farmland. Similarly, by choosing a vegetarian food option, whether you are a vegetarian or not, helps reduce your carbon emissions. A vegan burger patty produced using pea protein produces up to 89% less GHG emissions, and uses up to 99% less water than a beef patty. Thinking green when choosing food just make a lot of sence.

With TripDoodler, we make it easy to choose more sustainably. And your choices do make a difference.

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