Transparency fuels sustainability.

Providing the information for us to make better choices.

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Why do we need transparency?

At TripDoodler, we believe that a more sustainable world is only possible when we start talking about all the actions businesses do. For travelers to better understand the impact of our choices.

That's why we created our platform - where businesses can be recognized for their efforts and travelers can feel empowered by their sustainable choices.

What is sustainable travel?

According to the World Tourism Organization, sustainable travel is tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities.”

Sustainability is the sum of all choices we make and goes way beyond our carbon footprint. As tourism is the third largest economy in the world, we have an opportunity and obligation to make a difference through the way we travel. 

What is the industry challenge?

Recent research reveals that 60% of travelers desire more sustainable travel. Yet, at TripDoodler, we observe that 80% struggle to find trustworthy options to make more sustainable choices. To bridge this gap, we aim to make sustainability actionable and accessible for all.

While certifications are common for businesses to convey sustainability, many small businesses adopt sustainable practices long before certification, but travelers don't always notice.
This is where TripDoodler steps in, assisting businesses in showcasing their sustainability efforts from their earliest sustainability actions.

Education and transparency play a crucial role in promoting better choices, and it's TripDoodler's goal that every traveler is well-informed to make those choices.

Turning sustainability into valuable business.

Find and share more sustainability information easily.

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Let sustainability be one of your key decision parameters when choosing a place. 

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What our travelers are saying?

“As a female solo traveler, I cannot express enough how TripDoodler has transformed my journeys and heightened my passion for sustainable travel. The beauty of TripDoodler lies in its ability to connect me with places that are genuinely committed to creating a more sustainable world. I never thought sustainable tourism could be that simple and fun!”

Anne Marie Holst

Female Solo, Conscious Traveler

"The thing that I love the most about TripDoodler is the possibility of appreciating places that are trying their best to be more sustainable. In doing so, more travelers like me can start finding such awesome places and make more conscious choices. I feel empowered."

Deepak Bhandari

Tech-savvy avid traveler

Why crowd-sourced sustainability?

As travelers, we make +10 billion trips every year. TripDoodler empowers all travelers to contribute positive change and enhance peer-to-peer trust in sustainability.

By crowd-sourcing information, we encourage each other to drive broader data points for businesses to build more sustainable solutions while unlocking better travel for everyone to find and enjoy.

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Why certifications?

As travelers, we can acknowledge the sustainability actions we see everywhere we go, but it's official certifications that validate the impact of the actions.

On TripDoodler, we display accredited sustainability certifications, making it easier for travelers to be informed.

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“Imagine if it was just as was to compare sustainability as price and location”


How do SDG’s actually contribute to sustainable tourism?

What is greenwashing?

What is sustainable traveling?

What makes a business more sustainable?

Why should I even bother?

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