Crowd-Sourced Sustainability vs. Formal Sustainability Reporting

TripDoodler presents an alternative to formal sustainability reporting when communicating our sustainability efforts.

Amit Bhatia

June 19, 2023


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“Still, 8 out of 10 travelers have difficulty finding trustworthy and more sustainable options. At the same time, we know that travelers trust travelers, so why not invite them in on our sustainability journeys and let them acknowledge our actions so we can build a more sustainable world together - one choice at a time.” TripDoodler CEO, Josephine Piplits

What is the alternative to formal sustainability reporting when communicating our sustainability efforts?

As a small tourism establishment, we understand the importance of sustainability and the need to communicate our efforts to our travelers. While formal sustainability (ESG) reporting has become a prominent aspect of documenting our businesses' sustainability efforts, it is vital to recognize that sustainability does not always start with such formal reporting.

An alternative starting point,

start your sustainability journey by communicating real, sustainable actions that your business is taking right now.  

Formal sustainability reporting is a significant milestone for any business and helps us measure and document the impact we provide as tourism establishments. However, it is essential to acknowledge the smaller steps we take along the way. 

These conscious actions have shaped our sustainability practices and laid the foundation for our achievements. Even larger companies have started sharing their lessons learned and experiences, inspiring others on this pathway to sustainability. 

Mapping our current sustainability actions with verified data is where we start. One way to do this is by structuring our information into three distinct layers, each communicating a different aspect of our sustainability efforts.


Communicating the sustainability efforts of our business in three distinct layers Source: TripDoodler


Raw data doesn’t cut it alone.

There's a catch when communicating sustainability through raw data alone and annual reports. It falls short of engaging our customers. Data won't resonate with our customers, and they don’t read lengthy reports. 

As businesses, we should strive to translate complex data into bite-size, easily understandable, and recognizable information. We should create a connection beyond numbers and metrics by bringing our sustainability journey to life through meaningful narratives.

Our customers relate to our story, not just our data. One way to communicate our actions is by having them validated through the eyes of our travelers. Travelers can validate our actions, while experts validate our impact.

Transparency rules.

Making sustainability information transparent, comparable, and readily available is vital to connecting with travelers. This empowers them to make informed choices and contribute to our sustainable future.

Transparency plays a pivotal role in telling about our sustainability journey, and communicating the sustainable actions taken along this journey is okay as long as we are transparent. 

We do this by bridging the gap between our sustainability actions and our travelers' understanding by weaving transparency into a captivating narrative. This approach fosters trust and strengthens our connection with travelers by transforming our sustainability journey into a story they can relate to and support.

Continual monitoring and evaluation of our sustainability actions are essential, and why not incorporate our travelers into this process as well?

It ensures that our travelers' witness and appreciate our ongoing actions and commitment to being better while inspiring confidence and loyalty among our travelers by showcasing our dedication.

“As a small business, it is hard to be recognized for our sustainability actions. We don’t have expensive certifications to flash around, and that shouldn’t keep us from communicating our actions and journey. While validating our impact sits with experts and certifications, our travelers can validate our daily efforts.” Josephine Piplits, CEO & Founder TripDoodler

One step at a time…

By showcasing the smaller steps, celebrating the milestones, and weaving our sustainability narrative into a tapestry of transparency and connection, we inspire others to join our cause. This is not just about sustainability reporting—it's about our actual collective impact, the transformative experiences we offer, and the sustainable future we build, one conscious step at a time.

When considering how best to communicate your sustainability, reviewing the Green Claims rules and guidance in your country is always good.  In Denmark, these rules and guidance sit with the Consumer Ombudsman.

About the Author

Amit Bhatia


As an avid traveler, I always look for the more sustainable option. Often super hard to find, I aim to inspire, share and learn. I am currently writing a Ph.D. in Sustainable Tourism & Tech too. 😎

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