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Pricing & Plans

Currently we have one plan for all. The pricing level is based on the size of your business. Sustainability transparency is for everyone!
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Getting started

Embark on your sustainability journey:
Our 'How To' Guides simplify the complex and equip you with clear, actionable steps.

Start making a meaningful impact today!

Map your initiatives

Share your actions, discover their impact: Use our self-assessment tool to
see how your efforts contribute to driving sustainability.

Find out now!

Engage customers

Build trust with new customers by using TripDoodler's ratings from your existing customers.

Show the good steps you're taking, using easy yes/no questions for feedback.


Talking about your sustainability efforts can be challenging.

Improve how you communicate about your sustainability work by learning what your customers notice and where they see gaps.

Your price.


1-10 employees



11-25 employees



26-40 employees



41+ employees


A word from our founders:

"Sustainability means taking real action, not just talking about it. As more travelers focus on being conscious, it's crucial to show your business's sustainability efforts clearly and honestly. TripDoodler helps you do this without overstating your impact."

Josephine Piplits


“Understanding how to build a more sustainable business and how to take the first step, can be overwhelming for smaller businesses. With our 'How to' guides we take the complexity out of the first steps, and enable you to start your sustainability journey.”

Douglas Marett

Sustainability Director

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