Making sustainability actionable.

Turn your sustainability actions into valuable business.

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Make it easy for travelers to choose you.

Building more transparency around your sustainability actions gives you a competitive advantage.

Optimize cost

Implementing more sustainable practices, like reducing water usage and energy consumption or implementing food waste initiatives, all directly affect your bottom line.

Attract employees

Clearly Implementing and communicating your sustainability goals helps attract the right people to set your business apart.

Increase revenue

On average, sustainability-conscious travelers stay longer and spend more. Increasing the visibility of your sustainability efforts attracts conscious travelers to your business, boosting your bottom line.

Good for all

Building a more sustainable business makes a more sustainable future - for the planet, people, and local communities.

So, how does it work?

Be transparent.

You can collect all your sustainability information in one place and build transparency to stand out from your competition.

Get acknowledged.

Ask customers to acknowledge your sustainability efforts through the TripDoodler rating, and leverage their voice to build trust with potential new customers.

Learn and improve.

Understand how your sustainability efforts are perceived in the market and leverage the data to communicate and enhance your competitive advantage.

What customers say about TripDoodler:

"Through collaborating with TripDoodler, we get first-hand insights into how visitors in Copenhagen perceive sustainability at the places they visit and learn how to enable our tourism establishments on their sustainability journey."

Lene Schackinger Juhl

Senior Manager Copenhagen Travel Lab, Wonderful Copenhagen

“We use the TripDoodler platform because it helps us understand how our sustainability efforts are perceived and how to better communicate them to our guests and the market.”

Michelle Møller Jensen

Sustainability Coordinator,
Himmerland Resort

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